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April 14, 2020
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Alternative Acne Treatment Methods

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You're trying to get rid of acne but nothing works. This is much more common than you may think, and it is not just a curse that you're experiencing alone. Unfortunately, the acne treatments that most dermatologists prescribe nowadays consist of harsh topicals and dangerous chemicals. In most cases, you end up with undesired side-effects, and you still can't get rid of acne completely. In addition, some chemicals can lead to even more severe acne that becomes resistant to most forms of treatment. This is when you must look into alternative acne treatment methods that don't have any risky side-effects. Natural methods have been used for centuries for a reason. That reason is that people have always looked for gentle methods of treatment that are not going to make matters worse. You'll find 5 alternative acne treatment methods below.

1. Acupuncture - In Chinese medicine, health is related to the way energy travels through tiny energetic channels called meridians. If there is a blockage in some part of our body, then tiny needles are inserted in order to restore a healthy flow of energy. Treating acne through acupuncture actually means that the body will be treated as a whole. Acne is not a particular issue that needs to be treated alone, but an effect caused by an imbalance in the organism. Once the balance is restored, acne will disappear on its own. An experimented acupuncturist will first assess a patients health condition by checking the pulse and looking at the tongue and physical features. He can also prescribe certain herbs that will speed up the healing process. Overall, acupuncture is an alternative, safe and effective way to get rid of acne and other health concerns.

2. Homeopathy - is also an alternative holistic method of treatment that was developed a few hundred years ago by the German physician Hahnemann. The main principle of homeopathy is simmilimum: the similitude principle, or put simply, treating 'like with like'. For example, a person who is allergic to pollen is treated with the very substrance he or she is allergic to - pollen! However, one key feature of homeopathy is that the allergen (or pollen in this case) is used in an extremely diluted form so that it is non-toxic to the person being de-sensitized to pollen. The treatment for acne will be prescribed on an individual basis, since there is a particular remedy that works for a particular person. Homeopathic treatment is very safe and very effective in most cases, and even pregnant women can safely follow it.

3. Urotherapy - also known as urine therapy is an ancient method used in many cultures for treating many illnesses, including acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Although it is considered as taboo in western cultures, using urine for medical reasons has gained a good reputation in recent years. Urine is normally a sterile liquid that contains hormones, trace elements, and urea. Many acne creams actually contain urea because of its ability to prevent and cure breakouts. So it is very simple: the best treatment for acne is using the first morning urine that you will apply to your face. It's free and very effective. Don't worry about the smell because it will vanish within minutes. More and more acne sufferers have discovered this therapy and are swearing by it.

4. Japanese facial massage - An essential part of Japanese skincare routine is the facial massage, a simple technique that can get rid of acne and other imperfections. It is well-known that Japanese women have impeccable skin, and it's not just about good genes. A facial massage can be very beneficial because it improves blood circulation. Your skin will look brighter and healthier if you massage it at least twice a week. However, make sure that you do it gently as to not aggravate any active pimples.

5. Dry skin brushing - is another very efficient and alternative technique that prevents pimples from forming. Dry skin brushing helps you improve blood circulation, and removes any impurities and dead skin gently. Many people have had great success by using a natural-bristle baby brush. You need to dry skin brush for at least a week in order to see any results.

Any of the above therapies can be used successfully to get rid of acne naturally. However, the results and length of treatment depends on each individual case.


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