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November 20, 2020
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Got Stress? Nature's Got A Cure

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Between demands at work, crazy extra curricular activity schedules for the kids, and all the other pressures of modern life, its no wonder that stress relief is big business. Of course, you dont need a pharmacy to get some relaxation, you just need to take advantage of what nature provides. SunlightSunlight does more than give you a tan; it can brighten your mood thereby reducing stress as well. Vitamin D is has mood-boosting properties, and getting more sunlight into your system will help your body manufacture more of it. Get outside and enjoy the sun!Eat Nutritious Whole FoodsYour diet has an amazing impact on the stress and anxiety you may feel. Eating healthy, nutritious foods can help. Choose whole foods rather than highly processed foods, which can contain massive amount of chemicals, sugars and salts that your body cannot properly digest. Also, add more B Vitamin rich foods to your diet, such as:MilkWhole grains,BeansFish,Chicken, EggsGreen leafy vegetablesSweet potatoesStrawberriesBananasCitrus fruitsGrab a Cup of Herbal TeaCertain herbal teas can provide calming effects that will help you unwind. Chamomile is a soothing tea that will help to settle you in for a good nights sleep if consumed in the evening. Skullcap is a tea that works to relieve anxiety, irritability and nervous tension. This can help with premenstrual syndrome episodes as well as normal stressful feelings. Valerian tea is one of the strongest-acting of the herbal teas and can help you feel more relaxed. It provides relief from insomnia, anxiety and helps you get a deep, restful sleep. Nature WalksGetting out into an environment where you can commune with nature, leaving all the stresses of the real world behind can do wonders. Even if its only a short 15-minute jaunt through the nearest park, just the act of taking that time away and focusing on nothing but enjoying your surroundings will wash away the stress. If you are able to get away for a longer period to a more secluded space, such as a wooded area or lake, you can absorb the natural energies from these peaceful places. This provides much comfort and satisfaction so you return to your routine refreshed and relaxed and ready to face the day.Get Proper RestGetting enough rest is one of the biggest factors in helping cope with stress. When you dont get enough sleep your body isnt able to repair and regenerate itself, breaking down your health and wellbeing. If you have a hard time relaxing enough to fall sleep, try relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation or drinking any one of the teas above. Turning off all devices and totally unplugging at least an hour before you want to sleep can help your mind relax, as well. Drink a glass of warm milk and lay down with a good book and you will be snoozing in no time. The most important thing when dealing with stress is to find out what works for you. If you dont find it right away keep trying until you do. Stress is destructive to your life and your vigilance in finding natural relief will work wonders.


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