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June 27, 2020
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Common Uses For Bach Flower Essences

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For thousands of years, our ancestors used natural remedies to help individuals with physical or mental health problems. These formulas were passed from generation to generation for centuries until modern medicine came into being. Modern medicine, while it saves lives and does amazing things, may be missing out on the potential benefits associated with natural health products.

The Origin of Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences are named for Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician. He was an extremely successful physician but felt concerned about the tendency of modern medicine to focus on disease, rather than the patient's health as a whole. He gave up his practice in 1930 and devoted his time and energy to finding natural remedies.

Dr. Bach found that there were 38 essences that would unblock the natural health potential in himself and his patients. These 38 essences corresponded to various mental states and were composed of refined herbal extracts.

What Exactly Are the Bach Flower Essences?

Bach Flower Essences are natural remedies made using an all-natural process. Natural wild flower infusions are added to spring water by steeping it in the sun or by boiling it. Hand made in England, the 38 Bach Flower Essences are preserved using grape brandy.

The principle behind the use of natural remedies like the Bach Flower Essences is that there is a mind-body connection. If the mind is at peace, then the body will also return to a healthy condition. This natural health approach is based on the idea that dispelling negative feelings like anger, anxiety, and indecisiveness will allow the body to heal itself.

How Animals Can Benefit from Bach Flower Essences

Most animal lovers will tell you that animals also feel emotions. You can tell when your dog is depressed or anxious or when he feels jealous or angry. Animal behavior is also affected by these emotions, so it important to get animal emotions in balance. Bach Flower Essences are one way to help restore emotional equilibrium in your pet.

Bach Flower Essences During Pregnancy

Both your intuition and you doctor will tell you that you must be careful what you consume during pregnancy. There is a long list of forbidden foods and medications. However, Bach Flower Essences are not on that list. They promote natural health and are safe for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy is a time of great emotional turmoil, making it also a very important time to consider natural remedies for emotional issues. Hormonal imbalances and simply adjusting to the state of pregnancy can cause rush of feelings that are difficult to process and can lead to health problems. Bach Flower Essences are one of the safest ways to deal with these concerns.

Children and Bach Flower Essences

Childhood is often described as a carefree time, but most of us know that simply isn't true. Children, especially the children of today, feel anxious and depressed at times. These feelings can lead to greater health problems and should be resolved as quickly and simply as possible.

Since you don't want to endanger your child's health with any unnecessary chemicals, natural remedies are a good way to restore balance to your child's emotional health. Bach Flower Essences are completely safe for children and babies.

Why Natural Health is Sometimes Better

Conventional medicine is extremely effective in many areas; however, there is a tendency, as Dr. Bach discovered, for many medical doctors to focus on curing specific physical ailments, rather than looking deeper into the patient's emotional health. In addition, medical remedies often carry warnings about side effects and dangerous overdoses. Natural remedies are much safer and provide a complementary therapy to regular medical care.


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