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November 2, 2020
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Herbal Supplements to Fight HIV

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Americans have been aware of AIDS since around 1980, and this new and terrible disease has yet to have a cure. As we continue to research AZT and antiretroviral therapy (since AIDS compromises the immune system through a viral route), we have been fortunate to find some natural remedies that seem to help. Worldwide, an estimated 88.2 people were infected with this disease. With numbers so staggering, it is imperative that we find a solution.

Multi vitamins have been shown in several studies to lessen the onset of symptoms in patients in studies conducted over the world, with vitamin B, C and E being essential to helping support the immune system. Although these supplements do not cure the disease, it does offer hope for patients suffering with AIDS that they can maintain a better quality of life in this battle.

Another new study shows that another simple way to keep their infection contained is through a simple method. Daily doses of mineral called selenium seem to "tame" the virus while strengthening the immune system.

While this supplement is not a replacement, and is not lower the virus enough to improve heath, according to David Pauza at the Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore. It is recommended that patients use selenium as an additional part of the normal treatment regime.

During a study at the University of Miami, 262 patients were divided into two groups; one was given selenium in 200 micrograms of selenium yeast daily, and the control group was given a sugar pill. After 9 months, the HIV patients who had been given the selenium pills had a significant difference in the health as opposed to those not offered selenium.

Although it isn't understood how it works, selenium has been compared to a "virus tamer". Some think the selenium's antioxidant powers allow it repair the immune system, which makes the body better able to fight off viruses such as HIV.

Other studies have shown that traditional Chinese herbs may be able to zap this virus. There are several good prospective herbs, but limited funding and resources have made it difficult to make this an
Obtainable treatment. The dose needed to work in the human body as well as potential side effects are unknown, so even though it works in a small lab does not make it feasible for the public. This is something we have to rally for in order to get funding for further research, so that the work of these clinics is not wasted and a potential cure is there.

As we continue to struggle with this epidemic that has no respecter of persons, continue to keep up on new research and try to find answers. Natural remedies are working to keep this disease at bay. Do speak with your doctor before you take any supplements and consult a nutritionist for proper doses. If we continue to study, maybe nature holds the answers we need.


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